Girl : Can you
give me your heart?…

Boy: Why?….

Girl: I want

Boy: Sure… (
Picks a large knife, stabs it on his chest, slice it open trough the left side
where the heart is. Then he takes a look inside his hollow chest )

Girl: That’s
all you have?…

Boy: Err….
yeah ( takes a look again on his chest, his heart is already ripped off. Only a
tiny piece left, which is still, slowly beating…. gasping )

Girl: I’ll
take it anyway… ( rips the boy’s heart out )

Boy: If that
can make you happy…., then go ahead…. (He felt familiar pain )

Girl: So… if
I took this last piece… What would that make you?… ( she holds the last
piece in delight )

Boy: Your
dearest?…. or…. ( he sighs )… I have no idea… ( still bleeding )…

Girl: That
would make you a “heart-less” …

Boy: …..

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