could be some peculiar time, it might be; when you stood in front of the
mirror, after shower; bare naked, your eyes were gazing and outlining every
single line in your body. You’d notice that there is nothing special, merely
flesh, vessels, blood and bones… There was nothing more. Just you; yourself and
perhaps, a simple piece of silence…

Then you’d probably move your hand slowly up to your chest and you’d try to
feel your heart beat…

And then, maybe then… synchronized with your heart beat; your mind caught some
glimpse of numerous images, a chain of faces in their very own expressions…
Some of them were familiar while the other was nothing more than some stranger,
people that passed you by, slightly; almost anonymous…

Within the split second, your imaginary vision stumbled on this image… a face…
To you, that face is somehow… familiar; the curves on that face, the smiles
it draws… You’ve seen it somewhere… Or maybe, you’ve touched it… maybe you
shook their hands; or even in a further infinitive maybe, a kiss was landed…

Yet, you cannot decide… who owned that face… You can’t even define what that
person means to you…

Suddenly… you hear a knock on the door, the sounds of flushing water from the
toilet, the buzzing sounds from the TV… The silence breaks; reality crashing
down… You sighed over contemplation overdue…

Only a distant imaginary thought… You shook your head. It’s just a reminiscence
of a dream… That face remains unknown, familiar but still… unknown. Only few
trace… traces that begin vaporizing…

No… Neither the years would never rest nor love would withstand…

Then maybe, you’d pray a whisper… A whisper of comfort... And your
whisper echoed… within the wall of perfection inside your soul… within the
emptiness it contains…

“This day is going to be perfect…”

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