After reading Ara’s poetry…..

Me : …opposite attracts…

: I guess that’s just irritatingly true.

: Ja!… not mentioning the tendency in history of our life…

: In other words .. ?

: We tend to be more cautious. we didn’t want the history to repeat itself.

: True. But we’re not always in control of that. especially when it has to do with our emotions. yes? no?

: Indeed. Emotion. Despite all the advance warning that swarming out from logic consciousness –remind us not to fall for that circle of repetitive history-, our emotions tells a whole different story… That this could be the ‘one’; the mellow tendencies from our emotion made us somehow… Soft… Or even blind

So if you asked me yes? no?

Expect my old selfish answer; ‘l**ing someone is like hanging your sanity on a thread’

Ara : *nods* But it still is an experience either way, like it or not. good or bad. So … *shrugs*
Oh well…. maybe we’re not really supposed to tamper with that

Me : *looks up* Don’t worry… Hopefully we’ll live long enough to make a few more mistakes. and then who knows? maybe we’d be the wittiest among the ignorants…

Ara : haha 🙂

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