The cell rang; the voice is
cracking the silence. He woke up feeling dizzy and totally uneasy. He shook his
head, gained his focus and looked at the clock.

“Shit! It’s two in the morning! This better be good…”

He got off his bed and picked his cell on the table. He takes a look at the
name displayed on the screen. It was his ex-girlfriend. He loathed her. He felt
the sudden urge to throw his cell out of the window. But that was senseless.
So, he decided to press the green button and answered the call…



“Hey too…”

“How come… you’re in town and didn’t even gave me a call?”

“Like I should” He shrugged his shoulder

“Okay… So how are you? How’s life?”

“I’m good. Can’t complain”

“Uh-huh? That’s not what I heard…” She said that in weird excitement

“What did you heard?” He started to feel

“Heard that it didn’t work out…”

“What didn’t work out?” He had a hunch on where
this conversation is going to curve

“You and your new girl…” There was a slight satisfaction in her voice

“Never trust gossip” He thought of few names he
could kill later

“Hmm… I know what you need…”

“What do I need?”

“You need SEX… good SEX!” She hissed a clear temptation

“I don’t” He slipped his thumb on the red button
of his cell

“Oh come on… I’ll be good… I’ll make you really happy…” She moaned another

“Did we ever have sex before?” He rubbed the red
button with his thumb. The urge to hang up is getting stronger

“No… never… and it kills me…” She was desperate

“What makes you think… that I would go there at two
in the morning… and do something we never did?”
He was ready to push
the red button

“Oh please… Just drove here… And FUCK me!” She was totally desperate

“OK… FUCK YOU!!” He didn’t have to yell, the tone is bold and clear.
The blatant sarcasm on the last word did the job well.

He pressed the red button and turned his cell off immediately. Few seconds
later, he shook his head and throws himself on the bed. He pulled the blanket,
smirked and gracefully went off to sleep.



Ini sebenernya entry lama gw
di LJ, ada sedikit yg gw edit…


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