ironic how everything could easily turns… First this then this… and now…



– Hey remember me? how have u been?


“N****, your question was silly.. All in
all im good, tho sometime my new girlfriend demanding too much. Her name is
job. So? How r u?


– Was it? Hehe. I just broke up w/ my boyfriend. Hvnt been depressed in ages.
Im now sitting in an unfamiliar desk typing on an imaginay keyboard. Im shadow
of somebody elses ghost.


“Yea… I tried to shake u out off my mind.
but ur image
keep coming at the very moment I hover aside and fall asleep.. Now for a lip
service..I’m sorry 2 hear that.. What happen? If i may asked..

– Im sorry i hurt u yani. i really am. Its funny how
everything turns out ya. I didn’t mean to bother u only bec i broke up wit him
n need a diversion. i just needed 2 talk 2 sumone who didnt know him. He was so
involved wit my life that I cant find escape.


“I’m really sorry for that harsh satire.. Ive
been in a role on a similiar scene. And it was hell… Surely it differs on how
ur really feel.
However, Im sure that you can pull yourself up.. So? What happen?”

– It was getting serious with family n stuff n then
he freaked out. He was pushing n pressuring me to put our rel to a higher level
n i wasnt ready. When i finally was, he freakdout n wanted out. Don;t
understand men! I hated him so much for doing this. Now d entire city is an
emotional land mine. If i dont watch where i step i blow up n cry.


Everything changes. But nothing is truly lost.

– = )



So… How you’re holding up?

– I dunno i saw him last nite at a party. He gave me
a kiss in d cheek n left. I broke up again after calling him up 4 closure. I
hate him so much. But jakartas no escape now. Its a battlefield full of emotional
landmine. Hes everywhere.


chin up.. i don’t remember you being a
cry baby..

– Yea. I guess ure right. But he promised so much. I thought he was d one. He
made plans 4 us. He also writes, wear vintage, n grew up in d states. Hes
d 1st guy that went on holidays w/ my parents. U should check him out on
friendster. Im just so glad i changed my status bf him. Thanks 4 ur support ya


Nawh.. I shouldn’t do that. I try not to be a
past-dwellin man.. Promises made n broken. Thats just d way it is.. Dont slip
between d notion of hope & expectation..

– Yea ur right.
I guess sometimes not gettin what u want is d ultimate blessing


Is it?

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