I’m the guy who realizes that it will take me hours to finish writing this so called long – boring – but – somehow – it – might – be – the – most – honest – entry – I’ve – ever – wrote – so – far

I am the guy who finally decided to write this anyway

I am the son who couldn’t be more grateful for your presence. I would have always regretted every unnecessary quarrel between us. I was too foolish to read between the lines, that all you’ve ever wanted was the best for me. I failed you both on too many occasion and yet the wisdom that have been forged upon your face never failed to find it owns way to forgive, often too many forgiveness

I am the brother that never did anything good in when it came in term of giving a good example for you, my younger brother. I was so angry when you took the RAM out of my computer, and then regret it as I found out that you desperately need it for your research. And without you knowing it, when your girlfriend broke you up. I am the guy that called her and asked her to forgive you and reconsidering her decision.

I am your oldest brother, and you will always be my baby sister, I could never forget every time when I called home and you’re always asking me to bring some chocolate when I got there. I am guy that always avoid when you wanted to talk about your boy friend. I would rip apart, literally, those who dare to break your heart.

I am the guy who knows that his family loves him very much

I am the guy, who once slapped you in your face for not listening on things that I have to say. And I did not regret it. It feels good.  Even better when I know that I was right. I am the guy who told you to take the job, and I am glad that you finally took it. I am still waiting for you to take me out for a dinner and celebrating your enormous salary

I am the guy who is truly sorry for being late at your father’s funeral. I am the guy who couldn’t be happier when you have a girlfriend. I am the guy who is very sorry for not being able to see you earlier this month. I got a dead uncle the week I promised to meet you.

I’m the guy who thinks that I think too much

I am the guy who told you to stop seeing and fucking her. I am the guy who told you not to mess around with someone else’s wife. Not mentioning that her husband works in the army, seeing you as the headline with your face all busted up would be unbearable. Although perhaps I would enjoy the “I told you so part”

I am the guy who always told you to use proper Bahasa Indonesia, yet, you never listen and keep talking in English. My home town is the original place for that food you consider as the best food on earth. Too bad that I can’t stay any longer there.

I am the guy who finally thought that MP and the people are rawk!

I am the guy who still afraid to sit behind wheels, and avoid large mass water. I am the guy who often forgot to bring the wallet, and later got himself into trouble

I am the guy who crashed at your place for weeks! And thankfully you never complain. I would gladly help you out on your research and if you need anything, I mean anything! For you and the rest of the guys of course

I am the guy and I kick ass!

I am the guy inside the train, painstakingly alone as you told me that I should follow my heart and listen to my head at the same time. On the train, I was the only guy boarding without a heart. I am the guy who could only guess that ‘ti voglio bene’ means ‘good night’. And later I knew that it was “I love you”

I am the guy who swallowed every lip service you told me

I am the guy who is literally hurting every time you said you are sorry

I am the guy who drew a slight smile when you told me that you’re breaking up with your boyfriend, and phoned my one of my best friend as I thought that finally I had the chance. I am the guy who, then hung up the phone, stood in horror and realized that, actually, you are falling apart

I am the guy who never asked for any proper explanation from you

I am the guy who stood sorely as you come undone when the one you love walking away from you. I am the guy who didn’t know what to do or what to say. I am the guy who avoids the exchanging cliché and quoting the love songs; just to let you know that I would be there, just there, and not making any attempt to throw cheesy pick up lines. I am the guy who wished that I could be there, sitting next to you, as you pour your tears out. I am the guy who told you that this time, it will be different

I am the guy that even by now, though invisible, chooses to stay

I am the guy who also thinks that, often in our search of perfection; we moved in circles and found nothing. Because love lurks only in corner

I am hopefully, for a woman, in her eyes and her heart; she knew that I would be a great husband and father. And in further hope, she wouldn’t even have to think twice to say ‘yes’ when I popped the question.

I am the guy who finally realizes that it sounds more like a confession than a pure writing. I ‘m the guy that finally choose to stop writing this entry on the few next paragraph

I am the guy who happens to be… less… ordinary

I am that guy, I was, I am and I will be everything written above

Yeah, I am that guy… Who are you?


Credit and thanks goes to him and them

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