passed, and I don’t even bother to take a look at my watch. I ordered another
milkshake. I’m such a greedy maniac when it deals with anything with chocolate.
I can’t stop thinking, how on earth anyone refused this taste of heaven for a

when the moment of humiliation came, I’ll blame it on my off-limit ignorance.

so at last, the moment of humiliation was finally happened. I paused reading,
and was about to take another sip of my cappuccino. My lip was already on the
tip of the glass when I cycled my sight around the floor. I realized that the
other patrons have already left. I sighed; this is a common habit of mine.
Always went home latest.

never complaint anyway…” I drank up my cappuccino to the last drop.

check my watch. It was 9:55 pm,
five more minutes to closing hour. No wonder. Tomorrow is Monday, and most
people that came here hates Monday.

closed my book; grab my cell from the bag. Turned it on and waited for a few
moments… No new message… And somehow it was relieving.

time to wrap things up” I said to myself.

a gentle cough startled me. There was a waiter stand on the left side of the
desk. He smiled, though it couldn’t hide the fact that he looked very tired.

I’m sorry… Was about to leave…” An apology has to be made. I have the feeling
that this kid is new here. I’ve never seen him before. Or at least I thought

okay ma’am… You wouldn’t mind if I clean your table now wouldn’t you?” His eyes
glanced on the empty cup and plate.

course not… Oh… Can I have the bill please?” I took out my wallet from my bag
harshly. I felt a little bit irritated. He called me ‘Ma’am’. Do I look that

ma’am…” He handed over a slip of bill

new here aren’t you?” I wanted to prove I’m right.

wiped the sweat off his forehead

I just shift in for my girlfriend… She’s sick”

it Angie?” In a sudden I became worried. Saturday was her shift. On this coffee
shop, she’s my favorite person after Simon who owns this place.

She has a terrible cold” He smiled bitterly.

see…” I took the bill and fold the money in it.

Simon was okay with this?”


the way, I haven’t seen Simon again… Where is he?” Simon used to have some
small talks with me during the closing

I think he went down town to catch a movie. He almost literally ran… Well, he
wouldn’t need any permission wouldn’t he?”

me guess… He just threw you the keys and told you to do the closing…”

He did…” He grinned

laughed. Simon… He’s such a movie freak.

Last week, Angie told me that you got a job at the construction of the new golf

I did”

is your job…?”

just a part time job, I’m the drafter assistant”

heard that the project has a strict policy on the employee presence…”

it’s true; even on part timers”

And yet here you are…”

got lucky ma’am…”


though it kind of complicated…”

all ears”

There was a new engineer on the site. He’s replacing the site manager. Not that
new actually. It was about a month ago or so… Anyway, I told his assistant
about my situation… wonder if I could get a few days off this weekend… And…”

that site manager gave you the permission…”

surprisingly… he did…”

Lucky you…”

I never even met him…”


He was on the field most of the time…”

is a rare professionalism on these days…”

He nodded and smiled in agreement.

do you know? It was an amusing story. He didn’t even realize the floated
sarcasm in my last line. I smiled and gave him the bill back.

Ma’am… wouldn’t you mind to get the change on the counter?” His asked

At this rate, I wouldn’t think that he would climb the stairs over and over
again for sure.

you…” He took the cup, the glass and plate from the desk, nodded at me and then
walked to the stairs.

shook my head and almost chuckled. If he were a new employee, it only proved
another theory. ‘The new employee always gets the worst shift’. I grab my bag
and ready to leave. I took a second look at the couch, making sure that nothing
is left.

as I turn myself, my eyes stumbled on an object.

was a black bag; lied upon the chair right in front of my favorite couch.
Again, I cycled my sight around the floor. Right after that, I rolled my eyes
up, sighed and shrugged my shoulder. I shook my head, realizing that the chain
of my body language made me looked silly for sure. Of course nobody was
around; I’m the only human alive here on this floor.

whose bag is this? My forehead wrinkled, I tried to remember anyone that
sat in front of me earlier

walked towards the chair, took a closer look. Judging from the shape, the owner
must be a man. Size-wise, nothing is too odd. It looked like a sort of small
traveling bag. It had a big pouch on the front and a small pouch on each side
of the bag. I touched the bag, and gave it some gentle pat; I was trying to
guess what’s inside. It was hard. I used my hands to trace the shape. A
square solid shape was inside. That shape felt familiar… Is it a laptop? Oh
great! I can’t leave this thing here…

turned my head to the stairs and frowned. That waiter is impossible! He had
enough trouble tonight. But what should I do? Should I just leave it here?

. I took
a moment to think any possibilities I could come up with. Let me see…

1. Simon is not here,

2. That kid just went
through hell,

3. Became an evil woman can
be fun

took my cell out and decided to call Simon. Though I knew that there’s only
slightest chance that he would still turned his cell on when he’s in a movie.
But then, I heard the dialing tone. It’s unusual; but also relieving

took quite some time; I lost count on the dialing tone. Come on Simon! Pick
your damn cell and press the green button!

It’s me”

Bloody hell… I’m in a movie and YOU just put my life in danger! I’m lucky they
didn’t start to throw trash at my head. I have to run down to the toilet… What
is it? You still in my place…?” He blurted and breathed hastily. He must
be running down to the toilet

I am… Look I wouldn’t bother you if nothing is important…”

I shouldn’t leave him alone…”

have the feeling that Simon is scratching his baldy head.

The kid is doing great”

Then what’s so important?”

think someone forgot his bag…”

What bag?”

left… his… bag… here…” I pointed my finger at he bag. As if Simon was here.

leave it to Bram or you can take it with you… Just don’t leave that bloody bag
in the counter…”

Who is Bram?”

dear God… Why did they scream? Eva… I got to go… really… I can’t miss the next
scene…” I hear the fainted sound of screaming crowds on the cell.

I hope you sleep with a nightmare!”

And he hung up his cell.

Why did every movie freak become a real freak when they’re watching movies?

walked towards and pulled the bag from the chair. Hmm… It was quite heavy, but
not as heavy as I thought… I carry it on my left shoulder, walked to the
stairs, and then descend down.

the 1st floor, I see that kid was stacking up a pile of plate behind
the bar-counter. He paused, walked to the cashier machine and gave me the

is your change ma’am…”

second look, that kid still look tired.

I just saw a sacrifice on
beloved expense. I felt a pinch somewhere inside my left chest. I don’t have
the time to contemplate, I wont.

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