I’ve been trying to escape from a few things. And I
did, I manage to escape, but not unscathed. I had to make few sacrifices….
some part of me of, things that seemed glorious, became darkened.

I read it somewhere… Past is the thing that shaped us
today and things that what we did today… are those that would mold our

Metaphorically speaking…. Trees grew higher…
people change, I know that. I did.

I held my sheer conscience high until I realized that
the world is not as simple black and white. Almost everything were ambiguous,
and relatives. Then I became skeptical, among those geniuses who always have
the last laugh based on our logic calculation, and most of time, in
fear-the-worst-wise speaking, we often won the bet.

A hint about skeptical people, we cheer on faulty
result, we were right! And if we were wrong…. We simply laughed at our own
fear; our tragedy is the best joke at any given day. You can ask us about any
logic consideration. We’d give you a free competitive and insightful advice….
counseling doubts are our areas of expertise…

Again, people did change.

Or at least they thought so…. Or maybe I just did… An
old fuckin tale, when you thought you’ve changed, suddenly shitty stuff
happens… and now. I’m fuckin tired…

Maybe, I’ve come to the point where I couldn’t care even less… The misunderstanding
was way beyond fiasco. And the finger of accusation was pointed at me, still,
not even considering how logic I used to act. And that’s just ironically

Maybe. I should stop listening. Just. Stop…

Shit! Where’s the silence when you need it…

Shit! I ramble too much…