of knowledge have a source…

soul : 10 years later)

siap siap. data udah dapet. tinggal eksekusinya yg gw tunda – tunda.

tulis. kirim. tunggu kabar.

kok rasanya masih ada yang kurang.

hm. kayanya gw harus mulai banyak-banyak baca lagi nih….

boo.fuck.a book.hoo…

boo.fuck.a book.hoo…


entry’s title is quoted from her.


he read a tale of suffers enchanted with joy.
a chocolate candy filled with bitter blood

and left him, lost, in his own palace

trapped between transparent walls

at the end of the first door. he wished that he could turn the frown upside down.

he went to bed. hoping that he’d be awaken in a different tale

along fleeting night and the sounds of the lullaby

but falling from grace as he closed his eyes.

and his lip trembles, muttering a silent plea

could I be loved in such enchanting way?