This is what I ‘m planning
to make every birthday… just like the one last year


Q : Ah… so we meet again sir…

A : Well… Yes Miss. And I can’t help not
to wonder. Aren’t I bore you to death on our last year interview?

Q : No Sir… in fact. I was quite enjoying

A : Very well miss…

Q : Without sounding trite, let’s get on
to the interview shall we?

A : Oh. I thought you were already turned
on your recorder miss…

Q : Glad to see that you’re not loosing
your awareness Sir

A : I’ll take that as a compliment. Thank

Q : So… 27 eh?

A : Yes. Someone up there must be
thinking the world would be less colorful if not having me around…

Q : Wow… Since when did you learn that
narcissus is on your family tree?

A : Well… Since I realize that my old
blatant sarcasm was rubbing off on you miss…

Q : Fair enough

A : Next question please…

Q : How’s the writing works?

A : Crappy… as always…

Q : Ok… And how does it feel when you
learned that you were out of “the top ten skeptical bastard of the year”?

A : Relieved

Q : Relieved? How come?

A : I got a girl friend

Q : I don’t see any relation here. But
okay… I’ve been hearing rumors, saying, that you’re planning to get married
this year…

A : Well… it’s not rumors

Q : So… Who’s..

A : Wait. You’re not going to say “who’s
the unlucky girl?” aren’t you?

Q : Uhm… well… busted.

A : Hahaha…

Q : Well?

A : Uhm. Okay. Let’s not try to make this
interview into a gossip column shall we?

Q : Haha… very well Sir. So… How does it
feel? 27 years old?

A : Old

Q : How’s work?

A : Tiring. But I enjoy it. I guess…

Q : Neil Gaiman?

A : He still rocks

Q : Indonesian music scene?

A : Radja… the guillotine for your taste
of music

Q : Future plans?

A : Plenty

Q : Including writing a book?

A : Still in my dream

Q : Love life?

A : Nice try Miss…

Q : aw… Ok. How would you recap the
whole years behind you with being you?

A : Well… I try not to think that much.
It can be devastating to have this whole unnecessary scenario in your head. I
try to broad more and more my views in life. I met a lot of new friend… pissed
off some moron… In a nutshell… I think I just enjoy my life…

Q : I see… Any celebration party?

A : Nawh… I hate parties. But, somehow… I
got this bad feeling that I’d be dead broke at the middle of the month…

Q : Hahaha… So I guess no candle light
dinner for me like last year?

A : Hahah… I’ll compensate it. Err… How
about I’ll let you to have another interview next year?

Q : Deal

A : Good girl