ini adalah salah satu akibat
dari tidak menuruti kata hati… alarm tanda bahaya udah nyala dan teriak2 waktu
gw baca jurnalnya jeng Affi yang ini… kalo di LJ, ini istilahnya apa ya? kalo
ga salah… tag! dan gw kena tag dari dia… huhuw…

tapi ya sudah lah… teteup,
bahasanya campuran… dan sejak gw emang paling ga bisa basa basi… this is, to
name a few, my little secret… dirrrrrrrrty little secret…

1. since that accident back
in those dark days… i don’t drive cars… not that i can’t drive, i used
to drive very well and smoothly mind you… but now, every single time i put my
hands behind the wheels, my feet felt like it was made from wood.
you know what i mean.

to me driving cars is plain scary.

2. back in the elementary
school, a girl seemed to have a crush on me, only back then i didn’t notice. on
second thought, i kinda hate her, because she did nothing when she saw her
brother making me a target practice…

due to my
unlimited ignorance, she then, made a desperate move… on one day,
she grabbed my hand and dragged me into the backyard of the class, then she
told me that she wants me to kiss her and she would pay me for doing it…

i did nothing. (well what do
you expect from a boy that grew up in the age where TVRI still rules?!)

and then she just kissed me.

topping that. she slipped some cash into my pocket later. she made me the
youngest gigolo. ever. i retire a minute later…. and i got sick after that
incident. i was hurt… ihiks…

3. i can move my ears,
. if you meet me, just ask. i’ll prove it.

4. i have an eternal
crush for laetitia casta
, i still have tons of her pictures and her short
modeling clips. and she just hates that…

5. during my college days, i
was once about to late to attend an exam. so i took a quick shower and without
getting any breakfast, i just jumped onto my bike and speed like hell.

but later, on this cross road, when i stopped for a red light, it didn’t took
me long to notice that the people around were staring at me. and it didn’t
took long to realize that i still have that bloody towel around my neck…

as a diversion, i grabbed
that towel, whistling and started to rub my bike fuel tank with that bloody
towel… hm.. i’m a genius.

so… i was late and embarrased.

oh… in case you wonder. i still manage to get an A in my exam.


ok. that’s it. kira2 sudah cukuplah gw mempermalukan diri sendiri…

so… uhm. gw bakal nge-tag…

1. Galih

2. Agus Didin

3. Novie

4. Dhendy

5. You… iya…. elo yg lagi baca jurnal ini…

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