Review: Waiting for My Rocket to Come

gw termasuk telat dengerin mr. mraz… awal 2004 lebih tepatnya. lagunya you and i both.. and it got me hooked up in an instant… and yes.. this is another.. verrrry late review.. :”>

waiting my rocket to come, is the debut album form jason mraz back in 2002. and what made this album good.. is that this album is filled with funny and witty lyrics and his ease-way of singing yet still full of optimism… phew.. you just gotta love it… if you fancy the likes of john mayer.. you’ll love jason mraz…
in fact. i really think that his voice are better than mayer… 😛

try to listen to sleep all day… it will throw you back in those good old days where we still able to sit our lazy ass and enjoy the world without burden.
or you and i both a good love song inded…

12 songs in this album…

1. You And I Both *****
2. I’ll Do Anything ***
3. The Remedy (I Won’t Worry) *****
4. Who Needs Shelter ***
5. Curbside Prophet ****
6. Sleep All Day *****
7. Too Much Food ****
8. Absolutely Zero ***
9. On Love, In Sadness ***
10. No Stopping Us ****
11. The Boy’s Gone ***
12. Tonight, Not Again ****