i was understandably sad when i heard the news that ross childress is quitting the band. could this band holds on to their great riffs and lyrics that still full of notion? and to make it worse…the next thing i know, they went to a long hiatus…

but by the end of 2004, i heard they were releasing their latest album, and my worries, are proved wrong.

youth, their latest album, showed that they still have the energy to produce good lyrics along with melodic guitars riff that blast. ed roland still manage to wrote original lyricy fulll of purpose, passion and spiritual notion. he put aside the the typical angst that hyming from most alternative bands these days.

joel kosche fit the bill in his own style, filling up the void left by ross childress. try to listen to “there is a way”, and you’ll know what i mean. another credit to ed roland for not loosing his ability to write a soulful song. listen to “satellite” a song dedicated to his son. “better now” has some unique surprise as well… you’ll find a saxophone filling there…

over all, maybe the sound was a little bit pop-ish, but the band still fulfilling my expectation.
so i have no complain.
great album by a great band.

collective soul are:
ed roland: guitar/vocal
dean roland: rythm guitar
joel kosche: lead guitar
will turpin: bass/backing vocals
shane evans: drums

track listing:
1. better now
2. there’s a way
3. home
4. how do you love
5. him
6. feels like
7. perfect to stay
8. counting the days
9. under heaven’s sky
10. general attitude
11. satellite

32 thoughts on “Collective Soul: Youth

  1. ..uh..akhirnya ada juga yg ngebahas ni album..kirain udah gak ada lagi yg dengerin collective soul..gua kebetulan dapet cd album ini sekitar bulan puasa 2004…masih tetep keren kok..yg gua suka dari band ini sejak dulu ya..bebunyian gitarnya itu..khas banget..gak terlalu berubah..palagi pas denger “home”,”counting the days”..daaamn… salam kenal btw..:)

  2. @amanda: kecil? gw bilang mungil dan imut kl ga salah.. eh… ga dua2nya…. gw bilang masih kalah tinggi dari gw dan alisnya tebel, a compliment that is for the eyebrows… hihi :D@abee: liatnya waktu arisan ya bee?

  3. Hoooy yang diomongin ada di siniiiii!!!!!!!!Yani semua orang kalo dibandingin sama lo ya memang imut ya. Haha. Alis ? Huehehehe…Abee, gue kan gak gede2 amaaaaaaaat..standarisasi cewe2..

  4. @amanda: ya ga lah.. gw mana bongsornya? ada juga tinggi ky tiang listrik. and yes.. alis elo itu lsg nyantol di sistem identifikasi person gw… *acuhkan penggunaan bahasanya… :D@abee: sori bee, waktu acara kemarin gw ga bisa ikut karena.. uhm. something yang berhubungan sama nikahan gw comes up 😀

  5. Yawlo Yaniiii ya kalo dibandingkan ketinggian lo..gue (dan orang lain) memang imut..hihihi…jiyeh gimana fittingnya ? Qiqiqiqiqiq…Eh awas lo ya Bee ktemu lagi gue sambit….huehehehe..

  6. btw, kemaren baru dapet cd terbaru mereka..double-cd sih tepatnya..live concert recording with the atlanta symphony youth orchestra…daaamn…keren abissss…Tracklist :1.orchestral intro 2.counting the days3.listen4.december5.compliment6.precious declaration7.needs8.heavy9.run10. the world I know11.pretty donna12.youth13.crown14.under heaven’s skies15.she said16.home17.gel18.how do you love19.better now20.satellite21.shine22.burn (bonus track)

  7. anakharam said: btw, kemaren baru dapet cd terbaru mereka..double-cd sih tepatnya..live concert recording with the atlanta symphony youth orchestra…daaamn…keren abissss…

    di jakarta udah ada blum yak?

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