it was november. dawn and drizzling outside,the houses started to glitter with lights from their terrace and living rooms. the word is home. and suddenly i envy those warmth of a family next door…

it was freezing out there. i sat and enjoying a cup of coffee in front of the booth. smoking dji sam soe, and blow the smoke blissfully. only in angkringan, the luxury of a low class people

the wind is blowing, and the street shines reflecting a beautiful and blurry image of people walking in haste, avoiding the rain, the fast and fading tail light from cars and bike that runs over the asphalt. making a trace on the thin layer of water, soon to fade… like our path in life… we too… soon to die

i was drown in my thoughts, enjoying every scene after the rain. capturing every single frame the smell of the soil. the water that dripping from the wind-shaken trees.
it was my comforting zone. soothing…
it always have been…

then i hum a song from jason mraz. you and i both;

was it you who spoke the words that things would happen but not to me
oh things are gonna happen naturally
oh taking your advice i’m looking on the bright side
and balancing the whole thing…

and somewhere out there, rhyming along the distance, your heartbeat…
traveling on an invisible bridge and over a burned rainbow

and i remember you. a darling…
i smile, looking up in the dark sky and repeating a line from a movie…

“why the sky have no end?…”

it was november. a wish upon a dark drizzling sky
and i miss those days…

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