Counter Strike 1.6

i remember it well, like it was yesterday. i used to play against my friends at our boarding house. we bought some new LAN card and gave the landlady a headache when she deals with the enormous electricity bill at the end of the month.

it’s quite remarkable that half-life could evolve to something with so much fun like counter strike. oh, btw, did i mentioned that playing HL 2 is making me dizzy and almost puke? that HL game was totally awesome..

now, about two months ago, i installed the CS 1.6 stand alone. you don’t have to install additional BOT installment to play a single player game…
yes. it’s only you against the BOT.

but if you think that the new BOT is that easy. think again.
the installed BOT is now, improved. they’re more advance in tactical combat, they hide, and not hesitate to attack you in group.

and on one-on-one situation, boy they’re quite a challenge. either shooting you while they’re zig-zagging manouvering your bullet. they also duck to make their shot more accurate… not mentioning when they attack you in pack. and the sniper.. boy, they are truly a nightmare.

watch your surrounding carefully, if you’re not. the next thing you know, it that you’re watching a fading tilted screen. you’re dead.

so, the new BOT shooting abilities was having major improvement…

in CS 1.6, i noticed that the BOT are somehow stick to their own weaponry preferences. some names are sticking to sniper rifle, some to shotgun. etc. it seems that different BOT have different specialities.

however, despite the improvement. i also found some glitch, even they were no enemies, sometime the BOT are throwing their grenades just like that. so i may suggest that you turn off the friendly fire feature. so that your BOT teammates could not hurt you with their random grenades.

all in all. the game is fun…
now, if you’ll excuse me. i got some BOT to kill…

die BOT die!!!