“Okay… Let’s continue; to
read the fascinating drama of his life!” Adam cracked a voice in delight;
pointed his fingers at one certain folder on the screen

“Getting anxious are we?” I

I moved the tracking pen on
the touch screen; open the folder he mentioned and tapped the screen twice to
open the file. My eyes are tracing the words on the screen. It took me a while
to find the exact date and time.

I read the line displayed on
the screen. Not loud, but clear enough for Adam to hear it.



“I’m in a café, listening
jazz, drinking champagne, nibbling caviar. Wearing a black gown and feel like a
60’s hag from france…
hahaha. btw, the sky is blue ”

One word flashed through my mind. Splendid!

“How did he
reply?” Adam asked.

“Wait a sec…”

“There. There… It’s
written right below the previous line…” He pointed his fingers to a line of
words. Impatient.

“I know… just wait…” I
mumbled; he sounded more like an old teacher dealing with a stupid student.


“I’m still in front of my
computer, still trying to work on the story but instead. I’m lying hopeless.
I’m stuck. I need to get some coffee from the angkringan”

I took a glance at him.
Somehow, I knew the line that is going to come out of his mouth.

“Angkringan? What heck is
angkringan?” He raised an eyebrow. His face was puzzled.

I smiled. I knew I was right.

“It’s some sort of a small
eating booth, unique, and it’s a trade mark of this man hometown. Usually they
used an orange tent and a carriage… Not much on the menus though… But very…
very affordable…”

“Hmm… That’s new…” He smirked

“What’s new…?”

“The word ‘affordable’… You
don’t use that word very often”

“It’s more. Polite…”

“Ah…” He rolled his eyes up.

“Don’t ah me…”

“Hahah.. But it’s huge…”

“What’s huge?”

“The difference…”

It doesn’t take long to
understand that. I nodded my head in approval.

“Uh-huh… Huge”

Right then, I play my hair
with my fingers, a sign to show that I’m thinking. I took another glance at
Adam. He got his hands on his head. I must tell you. That’s not a sign of
a man thinking, or a sign of disappointment. He’s different. That was his
signature to showed that he’s about to say something of a cynical.

“You think they’re in love?”

“Not yet… Or maybe they
already did…”

Adam shook his head and

“What is it…? Why are you
laughing…?” I took another look at the screen. Nothing funny is written there.

He ignored me and laughs
louder. I threw the pillow at him, annoyed. He stopped laughing and smirked

“You know what…”


He whispered in blatant

“I seriously think that Eros
needs a pair of new glasses… He definitely missed his arrow this time …”


*now.. here’s the thing. tho i realize that it’s must be around 25% or so… i’m not thinking on any chance of continuing this… shit. why? because…

– i’m stuck
– the grammar police is hunting down my neck
– i have nothing more to say. which mean. i have nothing more to write

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