Review: Mr. A-Z

when i heard this album for the very first time, i was expecting all guitar tunes all the way.
instead, later, i found myself nodding my head along the tunes and while doing that, i kept raising my left eyebrow; digesting all the surprise that is.

did i just hear a mix of hip hop in “geek in the pink”?, the swaying latin in “bella luna”?, a piano ballad in “mr curiosity”?

is this really mraz?

sure, i can still find guitar strumming in “clock watching” and “wordplay” and his tongue twisting speed singing is still there, but boy, did he evolve or what? surely in a good way.

i also like his collaboration with rachel yamagata in “did you get my message”, a song which i found quite funny, you know, talking the gaps of communication between men and women..

anyway, if you like “waiting my rocket to come” you’ll like this album.

don’t worry, you will able to find that singalong mood dragging you all the way up.. that is. guaranteed.

1. Life is Wonderful
2. Wordplay
3. Geek in the Pink
4. Did You Get My Message?***
5. Mr. Curiosity***
6. Clockwatching
7. Bella Luna***
8. Plane
9. O. Lover
10. Please Don’t Tell Her
11. Forecast
12. Song For a Friend

*picked track