last night, in my deep sleep, she came again. dancing along the deep breath i took, every stance into a step for every breath. and between the path, she painted the layers from my under consciousness. the vivid color contained in a bucket she held in her left brushed arm. i stole it, she fires a sharp glance at the bucket. a bucket of magic paint, to draw you a loud lullaby darling. my name shall echoes in your ears. and you will, remember me.

and then she smiles, a scintillating, thin transparent ghostly smile. her face was like a shining persona over a rotten reeling old movie. a vague galore in black and white. in the morning, i did remember her. her face was like a slide show inside my head. a picture over a picture, blurs in and out.

i gained consciousness and felt the crispy morning air. my bed was warm, and sunshine through. soon, a warm touch on my left cheek, a soft kiss in the morning.

then secret love, out of sight.


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