make that run. on that fading rainbow, over the red burning sky. let’s float
and i’ll lend you a special binocular. and from above i’ll show you that it’s
still there, the memories you thought you’ve lost. yes. it’s still there,
there, the memories that dwells within the walls of the old houses. the faces
of the elder, where they smile like a ghostly visage. the laughter of your
childhood days. where all kids are energizer bunny. never stop. never tired.
and then the pink blushes on her cheek when you fly her a tease. and the words
of adoration serenade along the whistling sound from her friends. and then, you run forward,
grabbing her hand. asking her to run along with you. you both laugh. on a shimmering gray corner, you touch her lips. a secret kiss you say. and a secret
kiss indeed you lay.

your heart is warm. and the details swarm.

but, hey,
is that tears you wipe with your arm?



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