shake your bond bond!!

mirror mirror one the wall.. who is the bond-est of them all?

Sean Connery (1962–67; 1971)


George Lazenby (1969)


Roger Moore (1973–85)


Pierce Brosnan (1995–2002)


Daniel Craig (2006- …. )


there is a scintillating persona on this character, maybe it’s the gadgets, the cars, Q or maybe the girls. or maybe the fact that he had all the things that a boy ever wanted.. 😛

anyway, if you asked me, who’s the bond-est of them all. i would have to say, brosnan. i love that dude since remington steele. i love the way he’s acting, smiling, looking good in a suit and flurring punches . yet, he has this glimmering sadness a bond.

so.. i do have hight of expectation to this new bond. and i can’t wait to see it on the big screen. but just to kill my curiosity, who’s the best of them all? in your own opinion that is 😀

*i really forgot to put timothy dalton on the list. in case you wonder, he’s the guy @ the upper left corner 😀