i stumble on this article when i signed out of my yahoo mail account. but due to the crappy connection (as always.. duh) it was obvious that i can’t really learn what it’s all about in a whole.

If there were a pill you could take after experiencing a painful or
traumatic event that would permanently weaken your memory of what had
just happened, would you take it?

An ongoing study suggests it’s a choice that may not be so far off.
The drug is called propranolol and it’s already used to treat high
blood pressure. As Lesley Stahl reports, the prospect of using
propranolol to modify memory has some trauma victims filled with hope,
and some critics alarmed by the potential for misuse.

now, here’s what i know…
i know that learning from pain you suffer, can really show what you’re made of.
but hey.. no everyone like to learn it the hard way right?
i wish i can erase some of my share..

so let’s see how far this pill research will make an impact on behalf of so-called… humanity.

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