Review: Kiki’s Delivery Service

i found this dvd last weekend, along with some other miyazaki’s work. and you know what, i might be the happiest man on earth that day.

on to the review

this movie tell the story of kiki, a cheerful 13 years old girl, who left her hometown in order to finish her training as a young witch. so with only her best friend, jiji, the talking cat. off she goes.

she reach the koriko and decide to stay there. and in order to support her daily expenses, she decide to open her own delivery services. and during the effort, she finds new friends, tough world, warmth, trust, annoying teenage issues and a little bit of failure. all only to make her, evolving, from a little girl to a fine young lady.

btw, if you wonder what kind of magic does she posses… well, she specializing in flying. with broom.. old school stuff eh?

and there is tombo, a young boy obsessed with flying. but unlike kiki, he has no talents in magic or so. but he does posses the will and grit to make his dream come true.

the pace of the movie was kinda slow. it might bore you if you’re not a miyazaki’s admirer. but i can assure you that you will find, a good mixture between a beautiful yet still realistic world, magic and fantasy in this animation.