The Illusionist

magic fascinates me. as simple as that.

that’s one reason why i decided to pick this movie last weekend @ jiffest.
the other reason were the facts that i’m thrilled by norton’s performance in fight club and american history x. fascinated with giamatti in american splendor and surely, i’m expecting them both to deliver.

and, perhaps, they did.

the character connects around between eisenheim the illusionist (norton) and his childhood love sophie von teschen (biel). and standing between them was prince leopold (sewell) and to relate the story between these characters, you’ll have vienna’s chief inspector uhl (giamatti) narating the story back and forth.

while the story itself, circling around the smooth “conflict” between eisenheim and leopold. the prince thought that there is always an logic explanation in every eisenheim tricks, thus, he thought that the illusionist was merely. a fraud. and upon learning the fact that his fiance, sophia, is eisenheim love interest. it’s like pouring the fuel into the fire.
while the prince will muscle the illusionist with ruling power. the illusionist himself is a man with a wit of a fox. he stole the people heart with his magic.

with some twist, the story grew, and you’ll prolly grow fond with giamatti, as inspector uhl, when he’s facing a dilemma, following order? or simply seeking the real truth?

i love the part where uhl narrating the story back and forth, with some transformating tone in the picture.. it was good.
over all, i’m enjoying the movie.

but the ending was, sorry to say, predictable.