Another long argument you had last night. And you thought this is it.

She finally gave up. And no more I love yous. But on the bed, before she hover aside, she whispered good night. A lover and a loved ones. A goodnight bid with a kiss. Ain’t love forgives?


You woke up. Alone.

And it took you few minutes to digest. It was the air, thicker.

You walk down the stairs across the living room to the dining room. And at the threshold you smell a faded scent of steam. she had some coffee. As you walk in, only silence screaming.

There, at the table, an empty cup with red stain of lipstick alongside a note. A zoom out sensation in your brain. The world faded from vivid colors into monochromatic tone.

Then you knew you saw it coming.

That kiss. That cold kiss. A good bye thing.

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