i nailed the cd last weekend and instantly hooked up by its gameplay.

this is the latest version of the 10 out of 10 rated soccer game. with more licensed player and additional licensed club as well.

more realistic movement. more attacking gameplay. those free player are now prefer to run into a space and seek for a pass, and you can take on the defender quite easily. while on the previous version goals are easier from outside the box, now shooting from way out is more tricky, take the volley from 30 yard as an example.

the refereeing is now improved, no more frustration over the fussy refereeing that you’ve often found in previous version, where a slight challenge you made can easily being judge as a foul and resulting a free kick. back then, i curse a hell lot more often every time the bloody ref blows his whistle… and those opposition player sure know hot to take a free kick aren’t they? hahahaha

when i played this game last night, i laugh my ass off when i heard trevor brooking shouts “goal!!” and peter brackley instantly replies “hey? what are you doing? it was supposed to be my job?”. the dynamic duo are still in the game!

so, all in all. it’s great game and worth to buy.

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