Islamic Book Fair 2007

Start:      Mar 3, ’07
End:      Mar 11, ’07
Location:      Istora Senayan

datang ya!
serambi juga bakal bikin stand di sana.

bakal ada diskon 40% untuk buku-buku bestseller tertentu setiap harinya. adapun periodenya adalah:

* 03/03/07 : Da Vinci Code, Meminta & Mencinta, Deception Point
* 04/03/07 : Selamatkan Islam dari Muslim Puritan, Pope Joan, Tuhan Aku Ingin Kembali.
* 05/03/07 : Aku Beriman maka aku…., Aku Menggugat…., Annas
* 06/03/07 : Tuhan Rengkuh Aku, Malaikat, Digital Fortress
* 07/03/07 : Perang Suci, Perang Salib, Balthasar Oddisey
* 08/03/07 : Al Ikhlas, The Art Of Happiness, Al Fatihah
* 09/03/07 : Islam & Pluralisme, Q& A, Samarkand
* 10/03/07 : Syekh Siti Jenar, Sunan Kali Jaga, Rahasis 10 Malam
* 11/03/07 : History of The Arabs, Sang Penandai, Muhammad

info lengkapnya bisa diliat di sini

a reason why

the signing in problems and the disappearance of most of the content frustrated me for several days. thank goodness it’s all back to normal.

Dear CS,

At the beginning of this month, I am facing few problems regarding my
multiply account. I couldn’t login for three consecutive days, and when
I tried to check my multiply page without login in, I found out that all
the images hosted by multiply at my multiply account are missing.
Starting from my blog illustration, the photo pages, even the headshot
is missing too.

It frustrated me because my friends at workplace and my wife did not
having trouble loggin in. And when i asked them to check my page, the
also notice that all the image are missing.

in 7th February, finally I got the message from Preston, and I can
logging in again. I was ecstatic that the problem was resolved.

But yesterday, the same problem occurred. I can’t login, I got the same
maintenance notification page every time. And it got worse, when I tried
to check my page without login. *Everything is missing!* No blog, no
review, no music page, no photopages.

It was less than a week since the last problem and now I am facing worst
problem than before?

I really hope you guys can resolve this soon. And I wouldn’t mind if you
be so kind to explain what kind of maintenance that caused all the
content at my page disappear.

Thank you for your attention.

Faithfully yours,


What exactly happens when you try to sign in? Do you see an error message or
does the page just reload?

If that doesn’t work, go back to the Internet Options page and click on
the Privacy tab. Make sure the setting is at Medium or lower.

Also, while you’re on the Privacy tab, click on the “Sites” button and

Please let me know if these steps make a difference.

In order to better troubleshoot your problem I need to know what operating
system and browser are you using, including the version #’s of both? Do
you have
a firewall running?


Hi Preston,

I hope you are well. And thanks for getting back to me.

The sign in problem last for few days. But thankfully, now, everything is back to normal.

When the problem occur, every time I did the usual drill, entering user name and password. Then, I got an error message saying that there is a problem loading the image. I can’t remember precisely the message though. While on other occasion during the same error period, sometimes I just got this page that saying multiply is in maintenance. Which is weird, because maintenance usually didn’t took that long (several days).

The thing is, some of my friends have no problems at all when signing in and using their multiply account. For you information, two of them are in the same office with me and using the same network. And one of them is even sitting next to my cubicle. I failed to sign in as well when I tried to sign in from home.

Last year, I believe I was having trouble in accessing my photo page. But everything else was okay. For your additional information. Both at home and office, I am using Windows XP with service pack 2 and the browser is firefox and opera. I am using firewall at my office, but not at home.

One more thing, when I asked some of my friends from other city to check out my multiply, they saw nothing but the loading icons in each section. in other word, everything is simply missing or failed to load properly. So I presume, my browser or my operating system have little ,or perhaps even nothing, to do with the errors.

Thank you for you assistance, I am looking forward to hear from you.


Hi Yani,

Multiply has been doing some maintenance lately, so that could be the
reason for some of your problems. Thankfully it sounds like things are
OK for you now. You could also be experiencing some problems due to the
firewall at your office or the Opera browser which is not a supported
browser. Let us know if you continue to experience problems.


*don’t you just love how these guys at multiply response to our problems? 🙂