since everyone seems to loath monday. i
might join the band, and as an opener, i might start with a cursing entry.
how’s that sound?


let’s get on with it then.

now, you were having major fun, saturday, you went out with your wife to see
some friends, having a small party and all that. all in all. you’re having a great time.

so, sunday, you were hoping for another fun.

you went to ibf 2007, you’re going to buy your friend some book. but on your
way there, you almost got hit by a motoretarded who drove over the pedestrian.
but you keep your cool and walks away.

later you found yourself in a crowded hall. with all the noise, heat and sweat.
you’re standing in a booth, listening to a writer representing his novel. you stood there not because you want to. but it was
more like you have to. part of your job. but you’re trying to enjoy it anyway.

then, in the corner of your eyes, you saw this girl, standing close to mr.
writer, helds his novel and looks very excited. your best bet, she’s a fan and
wanting an autograph. your eyes met hers, you smile at her, wishing her best of
luck. meanwhile, a nice looking girl who sat next to you asking you if you
already read mr. writer’s novel. you said you haven’t and perhaps, after this
you will have a go.

after quite numerous quotation from mr. writer endorser. saying “i know
this man i know that man” “according to this man and that man”.
the talk show is finished. and you thought this is it. finally, happy times. at
least for that one girl and yourself for holding all that yawn.

but boy, you are so wrong.

you found girl eyebrow curled up, disappointed. surprisingly, mr. writer
refuses to give her his autograph. he told her:

1. it wasn’t part of the deal

2. he never gave any autograph

3. he doesn’t like emotionally attached to his readers

no.1 and 2. sounds reasonable enough for a polite refusal. but when you heard
the third, you feel like a good punch may give mr. writer an early call that he
was not a booker award winner.

fuck you mr. writer.

maybe i should tell you that the talk show was staged. the people that seems
interested are staged as well. look around you, and see how much people are
interested in your so called original plot and story? none. in fact that girl
is the only one person who really cares about your book.

so yes.

fuck you. fuck you. fuck you.

and yes my friend.

if you are indeed a writer, and one day you got your book published. i beg you.

don’t be an asshole.

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