rapat redaksi & a farewell

waiting to be read…ain’t it grand?

ever wonder how books are being discussed in our publishing house? well, these pictures may give you the idea.

on another note, eliza, our chief acquisition editor is resigning. last week, there was a small farewell party for her. indeed, a rare quality person she is. and she’s going to be sorely missed.


banjir pengumuman guestbook di message board gw…

misalnya kontak gw ada 1000, dan 50%nya ngisi guestbook semua.
bakal ada 500 pengumuman di message board. kl my multiply gw setting 50 pesan per halaman…

maka bakal ada 10 halaman yang isinya pengumuman guestbook..

*cuma illustrasi loh. ga ada sentimen khusus. beneran deh. i heart my friends 😀

anda belum beruntung

mungkin inilah bedanya harapan sama ekspetasi. kl berharap ya
boleh-boleh aja, ga dapet ya ga masalah. alias legowo. berarti ya emang
bukan rejeki aja. beda kalo kita sudah punya ekspetasi. bayangan akan hasil yang kita bakal peroleh udah ada. makanya kl ga dapet alias gagal, biasanya jatohnya kecewa. lebih jelek lagi kalo terus mutung dan ngomel2 ga jelas.

kalo boleh milih, saya sih lebih suka berharap daripada berekspetasi. mengerjakan kerjaan saya dengan seluruh kemampuan dan menikmati proses itu. ditambahin sama berdo’a pastinya. kalo hasilnya bagus. syukur. kalo jelek, bisa dicoba lagi. toh saya menikmati prosesnya kan?

seperti saat saya membuka tutup botol nu green tea yang sekarang di bagian atas kemasannya tertera “total hadiah langsung”
saya sih ga peduli mau dapet hadiah langsungnya atau gak. saya beli teh itu untuk diminum  dan dinikmati kok…

bukan untuk dapetin hadiahnya.

kakikukakukayakayu pictures special

ini foto setelah diedit 😀

berdiri dari kiri: fredy, gw, robih, ali, didiet, fadly, jemi, najib, epoy
duduk dari kiri: ony, imay, altha, santo, rizki, eko & sidik

foto2 pertandingan persahabatan sabtu kemarin, lawan mizan.
hasil akhir, imbang 3 – 3

kl ada yg berminat main lawan kita, hubungi gw yak!
futsal boleh, lapangan gede lebih boleh 😀

the kopaja diary: wet

while monday always have a way to smack you in the face. perhaps, tuesday have a way to make you loose your appetite for breakfast.

like this morning for example.

when you took an empty seat at public transport. you would hope that whoever sit next to you would be a nice person. please note that here, nice means she/he is georgeous, dress well, smell nice.. etc.

but in this world, you just can’t have it all.

this morning, i got a nice looking girl sitting next to me. i thought this is going to be a nice ride to work. no chit chat, but a nice smell of perfume will do just fine. and it did. until i smell something else.

something… errr..

it was another girl, standing next to me, sweat seeps trough visibly around the armpit of her blue shirt.. definitely a rexona alert.

as result. i had a sore neck for turning my head the opposite way and keep looking at the window along the ride. not to mention a breathing difficulties.

this is just. not. my day.

why there is a lack of recognition for indonesian fiction writer in europe?

last friday, my chief acquisition eliza has asked me to join her in a small seminar with peter ripken in goethe institut.

and it was a fascinating seminar.

at the beginning, peter told us a fact that together with a swish cultural foundation “pro helvetia”, the ministry of foreign affairs of the german is funding a program to seek and publish asian writer in europe. in 2007, only ayu utami with her book “saman” received this translation grant.

as you have known, indonesia is a land of myth and tale, cultural diversity and various language and people. this is where we can assume that indonesia is also a land of great fiction. but later, peter mentioned a simple but stunning facts from this vast potential themes and material, there only few indonesian names that had their book translated in europe.

peter took a comparison between south korea and indonesia. the koreans have more than 120 titles translated while indonesia only have less than 20 (if i’m not mistaken. blame it on the low speaker volume.. heheh)

now, here’s some reason why:

1. no support from the indonesian goverment. classic eh?
2. lack of information from indonesian publisher. kindly take a look at our publishers website and try to look english section for their books… you’ll know what i mean.
3. lack of promotional support from indonesian publisher. let’s take sample from frankfurt book fair, there our publisher prefer to seek foreign rights not try to sell our rights to foreign publisher.
4. our translator limitation in translating procces. while this translation debates going on and on… we must admit that there are no translation school or major in indonesia.

peter believe that we need a breakthrough to solve this lack of recognition. by what? that is the problem my friend.

oh btw, one of the participant has suggested some kind of literary agency. good point ma’am, i’m waiting for your move. or perhaps any of you guys interested? if you do… you know where to reach me 😀

more info on peter and his works: http://www.litprom.de

pic: gettyimages