while monday always have a way to smack you in the face. perhaps, tuesday have a way to make you loose your appetite for breakfast.

like this morning for example.

when you took an empty seat at public transport. you would hope that whoever sit next to you would be a nice person. please note that here, nice means she/he is georgeous, dress well, smell nice.. etc.

but in this world, you just can’t have it all.

this morning, i got a nice looking girl sitting next to me. i thought this is going to be a nice ride to work. no chit chat, but a nice smell of perfume will do just fine. and it did. until i smell something else.

something… errr..

it was another girl, standing next to me, sweat seeps trough visibly around the armpit of her blue shirt.. definitely a rexona alert.

as result. i had a sore neck for turning my head the opposite way and keep looking at the window along the ride. not to mention a breathing difficulties.

this is just. not. my day.

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