one from few dvds i nailed in this month visit to lapak2 ambasador.

the story rolls when wataru met mitsuru – a lonesome and troubled boy. in one scene, wataru saves mitsuru from his bully, and after the incident, mitsuru told him about this magic door. a door that leads to the goddes of fortune, who can grant one wish of a triumph traveler.

a family feud leads wataru to decide to go behind the magic door, which he believes could change his fate regarding his family fortune. his father left the house and later, his mother fell and went coma.

so the boy opens the door and embark on this new journey, meeting some new unique friends, travelling and fighting for survival in this new fantasy world.

the animation was good. but the story seems to find trouble in keeping the pace. slow at start, fast in the middle and before you know it, over too soon.

but i do love the ending, not ultimately happy but offering you a message that you just have to deal with shits in your life. as simple as that.

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7 thoughts on “Review: Brave Story

  1. republikradikal said: judulnya brave story? kemaren kok nggak nemu ya… hmmm…

    iya. brave story.minggu lalu sih gw liat masih banyak sih, di lantai bawah, yg deket carrefour itu loh 😀

  2. aranolein said: beli..ngga..beli..ngga…(bantu yakinkan gue dong!)

    kalo dibeli, ga rugi kok kak. lumayan buat ngisi kosongnya animasi2 bagus : )

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