gw heran, gimana caranya spammer itu bisa kirim email ke alamat email kantor gw yak? padahal acc. baru dan hanya gw pake buat milis doang.

tiap hari gw harus login ke server buat apus2in spam, biar ga jadi beban saat didownload di outlook…

anyway, here’s the list of the email subjects:
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and so on…


“as if i need more drama”

i was getting used to that line from amanda’s status in ym. and perhaps it’s true. i hate dramas.

but boy. living your “world wide web” world, esp. in this social networking site as multiply. you just can’t escape them. but still, for bright side’s sake, i gave them credits. for amusing me that is. or making me laugh to say the least.

manda, i hope my out loud laugh doesn’t disturb you. can’t help it.. 😛

Review: My Neighbor Totoro

when grave of fireflies was released in japan, the movie was accompanied with my neighbor totoro as a double feature. perhaps this was done to balance the mood of the audience. since the first was containing some depressing scenes, the latter was more heart lightening. but still, both are beautiful.

tells a story of a new moved family, the kusakabe. tatsuo, the father, is a professor in tokyo university, he’s rather quiet, calm and have this soothing persona. the first daugther is satsuki, a vibrant, courageous and kind young girl. and mei, energetic, curious and loud little sister. this family moved into this village to get closer to the hospital where the mother, yasuko was recovering from unknown illness.

in between school and work, they travel to visit their mom by bike. here you will see that the animation and scene are quite simple, but still a pleasure to your eyes. studio ghibli delivers a great view of japanese village scenery, some time quiet, some time full of voices. and the character were realistic and you can relate to them easily.

one day mei, spotted two cute creature and when she chased them, they lead her into this huge camphor tree with an enormous fluffy creature, later she described as totoro. and later on one rainy night, when the girls were waiting the bus their father use to ride, it was satsuki who finally meet totoro himself. the girls manage to build a good relation with their magical neighbor.

but later, upon hearing her mother condition was getting worse, mei sets off alone to visit her mother. not long after that, she got lost.

satsuki ask totoro to help her finds mei and totoro gladly assist her by calling the catbus to carry satsuko and finds her sister. when the two united, catbus took them to see their mother at the hospital, and from the distance, they are thankful that their mother was fine.

this movie dragged me to some part of my childhood. the lush of green rice field, the old traditional houses, the muddy road, the clean river, the trees, the friendly neighborhood. the beauty of it all. it brought back the little kid in me.

all in all. i thought that this is a very good movie. no antagonist, no deep plot or conflict. but still, very much enjoyable.

Review: Grave of the Fireflies

based on the events during ww2 in japan, the story centered at seita and his little sister setsuko in their struggle for survival. they lost their mother in a air bombing while their father was away in the navy (there is no news on his whereabout). later, they stayed with their aunts, and you will witness that war could turns kindness into harsh and often cruel gesture.

when things grew more uncomfortable, seita decides to leave the house along with setsuko. they decide to live inside some abandoned mine, surely freedom of living felt good for a while. but with limited food and cold shelter, soon they would meet their ruthless fate.

beside the good theme and great animation. this movie also packs great characterization, seita character was full with the tenacity, idealism, pride for his country and love for his sister. while setsuko is truly lovable. you will notice some great moments, when the kids play at the beach or when seita catches firefles to light the shelter. also some scenes where silence echoed the animation perfectly.

you know at the very beginning that both of them died. but along the movie, you just can’t help to hope that they would have different destiny. a chance to live and perhaps, happiness in the end.

when the ending credit rolls there is a long silence. and it broke when my wife said “why can’t he just swallow his pride and stay with her aunt? then perhaps his sister would have a better chance of survival…” a regret for the character bleak destiny is underlining her statement.

i wish that too darling. but one thing for sure. i learnt few lesson watching this movie, and i am sure if you have got the chance to watch it. you would learn the lesson as well.

all in all, this movie is utterly poignant. drains you out emotionally as well. but to put it all in words. i have to say that this movie is “beautifully moving”

*from wikipedia:
The story is based on the semi-autobiographic novel by the same name, whose author, Nosaka, lost his sister due to malnutrition in 1945 wartime Japan. He blamed himself for her death and wrote the story so as to make amends to her and help him accept the tragedy.