at least today i got something to light up my mood.
it’s lifehouse latest album, who we are.

i am excited as i feel that this album is getting lifehouse back into that style similar to their first album. kickin.

“disarray” offers the opening style, similar with “spin” from their 2nd album. a song about uncertainty, but still with upbeat tempo. there is “broken” a beautiful but poignant lyrics. and to my surprise, i heard jason wade raw and grave voice in “the joke”.

not many of that slow and melodic songs in who we are. apparently, they have decided to explore and experimenting a lot more different sounds in this album but still, with that deeply written lyrics they renowned of.

maybe, it’s going to take me a while to digest the whole list. but so far i’m enjoying it.

1. Disarray *
2. First Time *
3. Whatever It Takes
4. Who We Are *
5. Broken *
6. The Joke
7. Easier To Be
8. Make Me Over
9. Mesmerized
10. Bridges
11. Learn You Inside Out
12. Storm *

6 thoughts on “Review: Who We Are

  1. pravdavero said: Is it still light?

    secara lirik sih, gw rasa malah ga sekontemplatif album2 terdahulu ya. jadi ya enteng2 aja kl ga bisa dibilang rada2 cheesy :)juga ada bbrp lagu yang setipe sama album pertama mereka (diff’s lucky day), kalo blum pernah denger, ya kaget aja 🙂

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