playlist lebaran 2007

nanti malam gw dan amel berangkat ke semarang. nah. berhubung pasti kena macet, in case gw ga bisa tidur. maka gw udah nyiapin playlist hajar bosen..

1. AFI – Miss Murder
selalu ingin berdendang di bagian ini “hey miss murder can i? hey miss murder can i? make beauty stay if i, take my life?’ whooh-ohh-ooh
2. Collective Soul – Georgia Girl
ada yang aneh dari lagu ini. entah apa. mungkin ketukan pianonya kali ya?
3. Dashboard Confessional – Stolen
galau sekali lagu ini ya?
4. Foo Fighter – The Pretender
lagi nangkring di no.1 chart billboard loh
5. John Mayer – Why Georgia
kangen dengerin mr. mayer
6. Michael Buble – Everything
cocok didengerin selama perjalanan sambil lirik2 sang istri
7. My American Heart – Speak Low If You Speak Love
cocok disandingkan dengan “hiding inside this horrible weather”
8. Sheila on 7 – Sebuah Kisah Klasik
kangen juga dengerin band ini. bisa mampir jogja ga ya?
9. The Click Five – Flipside
lucu juga band ini ternyata
10.The Rocket Summer – So Much Love
cocok didengerin kalo udah deket rumah. berasa auranya gituu.. 😀

Review: Afterwords

up until now. i have no idea about collective soul’s decision to release their latest album only & exclusively trough digital music stores like target & iTunes. but let’s skip it. when you have many hits already. i guess, selling is secondary.

the riffs kicks in with ‘new vibration’ and you know it’s collective soul all right. the sounds kinda reminds me of ‘better now’ from youth and ‘next homecoming’ from 7even years itch. a very good start i must say.

‘what i can give you’ is a mid paced sweet song, it’s worth listening. while ‘breaking witness’ & ‘georgia girl’ offers are love song & ballad that you can easily relate to, beautifully written and have some nice sounds of additional instrumen here and there as well. i was surprised to hear joel kosche sang his heart out in ‘i don’t need anymore friends’ it’s been a while since i heard ed roland sit back and let someone took the microphone, not since ross childress in ‘dandy life’ yes? not great but still okay.

oh, and i definetely, will sing my lungs out if they decide to play here in jakarta and have ‘all that i know’ and ‘hollywood’ in their songlist. these two are singalong songs, esp. in concert.

now, i have to admit, that i have a hard time writing the review for this particular album. i’ve been enduring this love affair since 1994. so i’ll probably say that everything collective soul have released are all good. but i can’t help to feel “hey-i-thought-i’ve- heard-this-song’. but still, i would consider those as “trademarks” instead of “similarities” which ultimately leads to lack of creativity. so yes. “trademarks” is the word.

while ‘youth’ offers you with more up-beat tunes, this one only some. not as heavy as the old days though. but ballad-wise, you can hear most of the old-tunes in this album. not all of them might suit your ear, but you won’t have to skip any song.

being over a decade in the music business don’t make running the show easier. but ed roland definetely still know how to stay in the spotlight. this in an album worth the effort.

all in all, 4 out of 5.