Review: We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things

some of us thrive to try new things and broaden this so called perspective. in other word. it’s ambition.

while other, perhaps prefer to sit back and enjoy what we have around us. in other word. be realistic.

mraz fell to the first category. it’s still pretty much mraz. cheerful. “make it mine” justify that. or the radio friendly “i’m yours”. i like the chemistry between mraz and colbie caillat. not much of instrument, both their vocals are powerful, but still in a nice balance.

and yes, there is still that trademark of speed singing and rapping that would made you said. ok thanks, but i’ll skip the sing along part.

it’s more soulful. more honest and more on ordinary themes. things we dealt with our life.

perhaps it’s mraz prerogative, not to be afraid to mix and experiment with new things in his songs. i guess four stars will do just fine.

on another note. i must admit, yes, mr. mraz. i sing, i dance and i too, stole this album.