for these past few years, the last two in particular, i’ve endured and survived one of the maiming period in my life.

i am about to experience the finale, and now i know the mixed feeling of scared like shit, but also kinda relieved knowing that it’s about to over.

now, the thing about growing up, or maturing, is that eventually, you learn to settle and understand better, that things aren’t always going the way you wanted them to be. you won’t get madly insane about it. probably just cursed your luck a bit, and then shrugged the shit off, and move on.

i hope i’ve grew that much and will grow better.

so to finish this short note of welcoming the new year and noticing my coming of age process. here’s a quote from one of my favorite movie, howl’s moving castle:

“good thing about getting old is not to be surprised often. “

it kinda rings true 🙂

happy new year folks! i sincerely hope that you will have the luxury, of truly living, everyday of your life 🙂

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