it’s just a few yards more. 
john was running frantically when saw sarah’s car parked on the edge of the cliff, facing the sea. 
“i’m going to kill him if anything happened to my baby girl” whisper john between his breath. he always against their relationship. telling her daughter over and over again that bill will never makes her happy. that bill was just another scum in this bleak city.
in a flash, john suddenly remember when bill and sarah came to him, asking permission to get married. and he got furious just the hear the idea.
after some gun blazing, soon things are getting back to normal. bill never came back, and sarah return to behave like a sweet daughter as she used to be.
but then he knew that he was wrong. he found her daughter cell phone full of texts from bill, planning to get married and escape the town.
and his blood boils hotter.
finally bill got there, still breathing heavily, he shouted his daughter name. looking around in vain. but sarah wasn’t there, nor bill. he checked the car, but it was left empty with the engine revving and the headlamps still on.
and then it struck him when he saw his own revolver on the hood. weighing a small note. he picked the gun and read the note.
as he finished, his tears breakdown. he dragged his trembling body to the edge of the cliff. mumbling her daughter’s name.
he put the gun at his temple, and read the note once again.
“just like you said dad. me and bill can only be together in another life..
ps: you’re invited”

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