I was at Toyzmania 2011 in Blok M Plaza, looking around for game/anime/comic t-shirts, when suddenly my eyes stumbled into this packed booth full of people and boxes. It was a booth selling GUNPLA, a portmanteau of “Gundam plastic model”.

At that time, I didn’t have any clues about Gunpla. But I was very curious, and decided to buy one. So, I came home, bringing along one box of 1/144 RG (Real Grade series) of RX 78-2 Gundam.

1/144 Real Grade - Aile Strike Gundam

Since I am new to Gunpla, it took me almost 16 hours straight of work. I was busy from night until day, totally unable to sleep, because I was so immersed working this model. The details were amazing. I was left baffled how these tiny pieces could work in such way. Where the cutting and assembling wasn’t that difficult, the true challenge was the decal placing. It really took my full attention (and along that, came the frustration as well).

So I browse around the web for some tips, and it quite a shock to see so many Gunpla enthusiast, putting their tremendous effort, not just cutting, assembling and putting decals. But they also painted their models, in such terrifying details! Even some of them took a step further and, made a diorama along with it!

Then I got to know that there are so many Grades out there. Starting from High Grade series (HG), Real Grade series (RG), Master Grade series (RG) and the monster of all; Perfect Grade series (PG). And the scales vary as well. From Deformed Series, 1/144 and up until 1/35.

This was the very first Gunpla I ever assembled

Since I only started, there is now way I called myself Gunpla enthusiast. Nor will I claim so in the future. I probably will craft one, every now and then. This January, I got myself another RG Gunpla, this time it was 1/144 RG Aile Strike Gundam. The crafting was done faster than the previous one. And the decal placing was much better.

This one is definitely better than my RG RX 78-2. Aile Strike is firmer, compared to RX 78-2, which rather loose. RX 78-2 was much more difficult to pose, where the Aile Strike tend to fall back due the weight of the boosters. Both were amazing in details, and so the inner frame.

However, the waist problem still exists. The flaps tend to fall off when arranged to pose. It was worse in RX 78-2, but there is slight improvement in the Aile Strike. But overall, credit to Bandai who manages to put so many details into this small model.

Below are the pictures in the gallery, which I hope you can enjoy.

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