So, I got a package yesterday. It contain the 1/144 Real Grade ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam, as a birthday present from @sitqom and @titisadinda (Thank you guys!). By the way, the birthday is way over, but it’s totally okay if one of you would like to send me another Gunpla. The MG series will do just fine!

Freshly delivered! 1/144 Real Grade ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam

I noticed several changes in the package. Particularly the decal section. They are now separated into two parts, the white number decal, and the black one. It definitely help with the decal hell, upon completing this model.

This particular RG has very solid build, compared to the earlier release. And kudos to Bandai, for thinking lots of improvements in this RG unit. For example, the flap in the waist, that easily came off during poses in previous units, are now actually became a part of the waist itself. So you can say goodbye to those falling flaps.

These flaps are now integrated into the waist unit

The same goes with the arms part. Now you have to rotate to open the shoulder and then attach the arms to the connector. And as result, it will give you, a more secure attachment, but still with significant amount of gap to do wide angle movements. And yes, say another goodbye to falling arms. Another bonus, there are now 6 hands. This serves the gun blaster, shield and saber. It really saves you the trouble of manipulating hands and attaching the weapons from previous series.

The arms unit are now planted with some angle

The most impressive feature is the wing units. They are just, wow! Magnificent! See how this baby spread?

See how majestic it is?

But they also have some setback. First, they’re heavy, so it’s almost impossible to make this RG unit standing still with expanding wings, since they tend to make the Gundam fall backward. And some parts of the wings are easily loose, and fall off when I tried to spread the wings. But those are minor, one that perhaps can be expected when dealing with Gunpla with wings?

So overall, this is a very nice unit to have. The best from RG line so far. And it’s great to see Bandai is address problems with previous RG series. It has good build, more articulation and some nice features. A must have for RG lovers.

More pictures below 🙂

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