Here it is, another Gundam review.

I went to Jakarta’s 8th Toys and Comic Fair, earlier this month. The plan was to get my hand on an Ultimate FX lightsaber (The plastic version of FX lightsabers). Alas, Hasbro’s stand was lame, and didn’t have anything that closely resembles a proper lightsaber.
Tried to see the LED effect, using flash light from a cell phone.
So I switched my attention to get a Gundam Model Kit to build.  And I chose to raise the bar a bit, rather than looking for the new release of RG. I went for an MG GN-0000-GNR-010 OO Raiser. It cost me around 700K, a bit expensive, I know.

Anyway, since I was so absorbed, in building this particular unit. I didn’t take as many pictures as I would want to. Admittedly, this was also my first experience in applying dry decal. And I can tell you, it was nightmarish. I was such a noob, I ended up damaging some of them. I already used masking tape and tweezer. But unlucky for me, I accidentally stuck the decals onto my thumbs, instead to the intended surface 😦

Other than decal disasters, I only have few little problems building this little unit, albeit those massive numbers of runners. And it definitely brought a new level of satisfaction. There are lots of nice gimmicks as well. The LED for example, 5 in total, but only 1 included. Probably going to cost me around 200-300K for the extra LEDs, should I want it. The build is strong and heavy enough to allow the Gundam to stands on its own. When I dismantled the Raiser and attach it to the Gundam, it was simply majestic.

Head LED
As you can see, this LED gimmick is simply awesome!

However, problems will likely occur if you attached the Raiser unit onto the backpack. Since it’s quite heavy, it tends to fall backward. Even when using the help of Action Base. The side skirts were and the front waist unit somehow rather easily to fall off. In the future MG, perhaps it will be possible for Bandai to consider applying the same assembling technique that they used for the RG Freedom.

So in a nutshell, the price is a bit expensive for an MG unit. But the fun and the look of the result, was totally worth it.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures below 🙂

PS: I took the RG’s units as well, and taking some photos of them as well. Consider it as a bonus 🙂

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