Review: 1/144 Real Grade RX-178 Gundam Mk-II

This is the latest from RG series. It was supposed to be released in May together with the Titans version, but due to faulty mold, Bandai decided to push back the releasing date.

The box art is simply brilliant 🙂

This model came from the Zeta series, which admittedly, I’m not familiar with.

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The passing of a legend: Ribut Waidi

Growing up in Semarang, particularly in the 80s, PSIS was the talk of the town. The likes of Ribut, Ahmad Muhariyah, Syaiful Amri, Eryono Kasiha and Budi Wahyono. My family loves our hometown team. My dad, even went to Jakarta to see the final of PSIS vs Persebaya. He recalled that one bonek threw a bag plastic full of piss at him (narrowly missed), but even that doesn’t bother him so much. Why? Because on that day, PSIS won. Continue reading “The passing of a legend: Ribut Waidi”