This is the latest from RG series. It was supposed to be released in May together with the Titans version, but due to faulty mold, Bandai decided to push back the releasing date.

The box art is simply brilliant 🙂

This model came from the Zeta series, which admittedly, I’m not familiar with.

Anyhow, Bandai definitely made some significant improvement. The plastic felt stronger, yet still retain enough flexibility. The tube (which made from a pair of wire and nylon(?) string, certainly added value to the details.

The tube

I also love the small decal of gold for the leg part. It made the model looks very classy. I replace the arm decal with gold marker, since any decal I put there will be loosing its color after several times of posing. So, can we get better decal quality in the future, Bandai?

The downside was probably the head part. If I put the vulcan pod on its head, it drastically reduce the motion range, which kinda suck.

In a nutshell, the continuous improvement from model to the next, is surely a plus. I can’t wait for the next RG in few months ahead.

Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of the photo in the gallery below 🙂

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