I think, I’ve read enough Batman comics – to know a thing or two about the character. Let me be clear. If you’re a fan of Batman in the movie, then you probably disappointed in the lack of action scenes. But if you’re a fan of the comic, then like me, you’d think this movie rocks.

People complaining about the lack of action, but this Bruce Wayne have not picked up his gadgets in 8 years. And I think that’s what the movie’s focus. This is not about the playboy millionaire façade. This is the real Bruce Wayne. We already have TDK as an installment who focused on the villain (The Joker). And a hero that immediately can kick asses? That wouldn’t be realistic no?

Now it’s Bruce time again. He lost the love of his life. Then he took the fall for Harvey Dent’s death. Now, he’s unmotivated, feeling guilty, tired, dull and rusty. And to top that, he’s now financially broke. In a nutshell, this Bruce Wayne is now fucked up.

Admittedly, I was thinking that The Dark Knight is the best film out of this trilogy. But after a while, I think TDKR is now becoming my personal favorite as the best out of the trilogy.

Indeed the action scenes never top The Dark Knight, but TDKR packs its own punches in the characters relationships and story build ups. I love the thought that Christian Bale is an actor who finally gets it, on how to be both Bruce Wayne and Batman. And who wouldn’t love Sir Michael Cane as Alfred? Sharp tongue and quick witted, but still showing deep compassion for Bruce. I got a particular scene of them both that got me teary eyes. And kudos for Anne Hathaway – at first, I have my reservation. But I think she delivers her performance, fabulously.

While Tom Hardy give enough convincing performance as Bane, my complaint is the Miranda Tate character (Marrion Cottilard) is under developed. You’ll see why, when you got to the end of the movie.

True, this movie has a slow build up. But I think it’s interesting. People used to love the heroes that have been put to the edge of desperation. And Nolan gives you that. Slow build up, and then you got the “here’s all I got, and here I come – nothing to loose” moment. And I have to mention the music score by Hans Zimmer. It was simply, majestic.

This is the final tie, that’s wrap it all together. An epic trilogy and you must watch all of them, starting from Batman Begins, to fully understand how Nolan has done it brilliantly – good interwoven characters and stories and mix it with a sense of possibility in real life.

To quote Alfred: “Why do we fall Master Bruce?”

In the end, could this movie be better? Sure. I can think of few possibilities to improve it. Like the antagonist’s death for example. But for now, I think I just appreciate what Nolan has done. He’s brought us back to the depth of some dark places, and then pushes us to climb back to finish this glorious journey.

My score? 8/10

3 thoughts on “Review: The Dark Knight Rises

  1. tapi gw sempet ketiduran karena bosan di beberapa scene. bagi gw TDKR masih kalah “gelap” dan kalah keren dengan film batman sebelumnya. nyaris sepanjang film gw malah ngebayangin joker, maunya tiba2 joker muncul. i miss joker..

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