Review: The Raid: Redemption

Usually, there’s a formula, in typical Hollywood action movies. The heroes will walk (without afraid of being shot!) through a gate, in slow motion stares directly at you.They will be wearing heavy armor outfit, with their shining muscles, and carrying an array of huge automatic guns and ammo – ready to start some chaos.

To get your adrenaline pumped, their arsenals are usually these: sculpted bodies, loud boom, fast and then super slow motion fest, huge explosion, flashy expensive CGI and don’t forget; throw in a damsel in distress, with a tight and revealing outfit.

Team Bad ass Cops.

The formula is getting boring, but thankfully – you’ll find none of that in The Raid.
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Review: 1/100 Master Grade GN-0000-GNR-010 – OO Raiser

Here it is, another Gundam review.

I went to Jakarta’s 8th Toys and Comic Fair, earlier this month. The plan was to get my hand on an Ultimate FX lightsaber (The plastic version of FX lightsabers). Alas, Hasbro’s stand was lame, and didn’t have anything that closely resembles a proper lightsaber.
Tried to see the LED effect, using flash light from a cell phone.
So I switched my attention to get a Gundam Model Kit to build.  And I chose to raise the bar a bit, rather than looking for the new release of RG. I went for an MG GN-0000-GNR-010 OO Raiser. It cost me around 700K, a bit expensive, I know. Continue reading “Review: 1/100 Master Grade GN-0000-GNR-010 – OO Raiser”

Review: 1/144 Real Grade ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam

So, I got a package yesterday. It contain the 1/144 Real Grade ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam, as a birthday present from @sitqom and @titisadinda (Thank you guys!). By the way, the birthday is way over, but it’s totally okay if one of you would like to send me another Gunpla. The MG series will do just fine!

Freshly delivered! 1/144 Real Grade ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam

I noticed several changes in the package. Particularly the decal section. They are now separated into two parts, the white number decal, and the black one. It definitely help with the decal hell, upon completing this model.

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I was at Toyzmania 2011 in Blok M Plaza, looking around for game/anime/comic t-shirts, when suddenly my eyes stumbled into this packed booth full of people and boxes. It was a booth selling GUNPLA, a portmanteau of “Gundam plastic model”.

At that time, I didn’t have any clues about Gunpla. But I was very curious, and decided to buy one. So, I came home, bringing along one box of 1/144 RG (Real Grade series) of RX 78-2 Gundam.

1/144 Real Grade - Aile Strike Gundam

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33 and, hey! A new website!

Okay, first of all. I haven’t write anything for a long time. So apologies if my writing seems to be a bit rusty.

So, this is the space where I will be writing on, until the foreseeable future. If you asked me, why I am making a new blog if I already have one? Well, it’s just a part of my new year resolution. And my old blog provider was turning their service into a marketplace website, which I didn’t fully comfortable with that.

So.. what so special about today? I can tell you that I woke up today, and feeling enormously grateful! For the usual “morning wood”, and the fact that I just turned 33.

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Tiga Puluh Dua

Gue udah pake Sony Ericsson k610i selama 4 tahun lebih. Batere udah mulai gembung, layar udah pecah pixelnya. Dan gue ga bisa nelpon lama tanpa kabel charger menancap di pantat hp. Intinya, gue memang udah harus ganti hp.
Alhamdulillah setelah ada rejeki, hp pengganti udah ada di tangan.
Daftar kontak gue salin lewat bluetooth. Gue browsing facebook buat ambil foto-foto teman, kolega dan kerabat buat melengkapi data. Setelah itu, gue mulai edit nama-nama yang ada di daftar itu.
Dari ratusan nama dan nomor, ada tiga nama yang membuat gue tertegun dalam hati.
Barens Hidayat, Pak Agus dan Dewi Cempluk.
Mas Barens, tentu saja nama yang populer di jamaah multiplyah. Referensi kuliner beliau yang luas, sering dijadikan referensi buat nyari tempat makan enak.
Pak Agus Kantin, adalah empunya kantin di FTSP UII, Jogja. Tempat di mana gue dulu sering nongkrong. buat makan, ngobrol atau kabur dari kelas kuliah.
Sementara Dewi, Irawati Kusumadewi atau akrab kita panggil Cempluk, adalah salah satu teman baik gue yang dipanggil sang Rabb tengah tahun lalu.
Yes. We live, we die.
Masing-masing nama di atas punya peran dalam hidup gue, dengan cara mereka sendiri mereka mewariskan sesuatu. dan pastinya, gue sangat hargai itu.
Now, in a few moment. i’m going to be 32. And now, more than ever, I realize that all I want to do in my life, is giving a good legacy. Be that a moment of laughter, a silly joke, a good advice or simply a smile (certainly not for being a proper asshole). I want my life, to be cherished by those who bearing witness to it, as I always tried to life my live to the fullest.
So yes, 32 years old. Wish me luck 😀