Review: Collective Soul

another self titled album? i just know that you can actually do that 😀
whether it’s collective soul, or rabbit (your call).

some songs do sounds like these old nuts were trying to get back to their root at the initial albums. “welcome all again” might proved that. “fuzzy” is more like sing along song, i kinda like the whistling part (though some finds it annoying).

“understanding” is the probably, the song that offers new experience. it’s kind of experimental. “she does” give you slow tempo, with chorus that you can easily relate. “love” is another slow tempo, which one of the better song in this particular album.

all in all, the formula is still pretty much the same with the previous albums. but since they went indie, why not experimenting more? but over all, i thought that this is one solid album.

Review: We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things

some of us thrive to try new things and broaden this so called perspective. in other word. it’s ambition.

while other, perhaps prefer to sit back and enjoy what we have around us. in other word. be realistic.

mraz fell to the first category. it’s still pretty much mraz. cheerful. “make it mine” justify that. or the radio friendly “i’m yours”. i like the chemistry between mraz and colbie caillat. not much of instrument, both their vocals are powerful, but still in a nice balance.

and yes, there is still that trademark of speed singing and rapping that would made you said. ok thanks, but i’ll skip the sing along part.

it’s more soulful. more honest and more on ordinary themes. things we dealt with our life.

perhaps it’s mraz prerogative, not to be afraid to mix and experiment with new things in his songs. i guess four stars will do just fine.

on another note. i must admit, yes, mr. mraz. i sing, i dance and i too, stole this album.

Review: Afterwords

up until now. i have no idea about collective soul’s decision to release their latest album only & exclusively trough digital music stores like target & iTunes. but let’s skip it. when you have many hits already. i guess, selling is secondary.

the riffs kicks in with ‘new vibration’ and you know it’s collective soul all right. the sounds kinda reminds me of ‘better now’ from youth and ‘next homecoming’ from 7even years itch. a very good start i must say.

‘what i can give you’ is a mid paced sweet song, it’s worth listening. while ‘breaking witness’ & ‘georgia girl’ offers are love song & ballad that you can easily relate to, beautifully written and have some nice sounds of additional instrumen here and there as well. i was surprised to hear joel kosche sang his heart out in ‘i don’t need anymore friends’ it’s been a while since i heard ed roland sit back and let someone took the microphone, not since ross childress in ‘dandy life’ yes? not great but still okay.

oh, and i definetely, will sing my lungs out if they decide to play here in jakarta and have ‘all that i know’ and ‘hollywood’ in their songlist. these two are singalong songs, esp. in concert.

now, i have to admit, that i have a hard time writing the review for this particular album. i’ve been enduring this love affair since 1994. so i’ll probably say that everything collective soul have released are all good. but i can’t help to feel “hey-i-thought-i’ve- heard-this-song’. but still, i would consider those as “trademarks” instead of “similarities” which ultimately leads to lack of creativity. so yes. “trademarks” is the word.

while ‘youth’ offers you with more up-beat tunes, this one only some. not as heavy as the old days though. but ballad-wise, you can hear most of the old-tunes in this album. not all of them might suit your ear, but you won’t have to skip any song.

being over a decade in the music business don’t make running the show easier. but ed roland definetely still know how to stay in the spotlight. this in an album worth the effort.

all in all, 4 out of 5.

Review: Hiding Inside the Horrible Weather

actually, it was random browsing that ended up with me.. uhm.. leeching. you know, it’s when i browse around and decide to download one random song and then ends up downloading one album because it turns out to be good! goddammit. i know. shameless :”>

anyway.. on to the review.

awalnya gw rada terkejut juga denger “boys! grab your guns” dibuka dengan remix vokal, lagu ini ga pake basa basi, langsung memanjakan kuping gw dengan jilatan riff yang ciamik. diterusin dengan track no.2, “speak low if you speak love”.. aduh makin gw menggelinjang.

“the shake (awful feeling)” menceritakan tentang rasa frustasi dan keinginan untuk menghilangkan rasa it. ajaibnya, kocokan gitarnya dengan mudah bikin kepala gw goyang.

gw loncat ke “there are more frightening things…” wadaww.. gw melayang2… lanjut ama “dangerous”, dan gw keabisan kata2 denger irisan blues di lagu ini.

larry soliman, jesse barrera, dustin hook, steven oira, matt “spud” van gasbeck di usia mereka yang relatif masih muda (rata2 di bawah 20 thn) jelas punya bakat gede. gw akan ikutin perkembangan band ini di masa depan.

verdict: worth to leech. uhm.. i mean buy.

Review: The Rocket Summer – iTunes EP

the rocket summer adalah indie rock/power pop band dari colleyville, texas. , angotanya cuma satu orang, bryce avary. semua lagu dinyanyiin sama dia, alat & instrumen juga dia yang handle.

album EP ini dirilis khusus untuk iTUnes store. beberapa lagu di album ini diambil dari album “do you feel”

dibuka dengan manis banget oleh “so much in love” lebih dari cukup buat bikin gw goyang kepala ke kanan dan ke kiri, bumbu saksofon di dalamnya itu lohhh.. huhuw. manis syekali..

trus dilanjutin dengan “so in this hour…”, dan setelah didengerin dengan seksama… kampret! sialan! ini ternyata lagu pop yang galau! ihik. emosi saya dimainin, ditendang ke sana ke sini…

dan terlemparlah gw ke track no.3. “break it out” yang somehow, ngingetin gw pada satu track di ost. shallow hal, di mana si jack black lagi melantai sama 3 orang cewe super seksi (padahal aslinya cewe2 ini obese semua ). sampe sekarang gw ga tau judul lagu di film itu 😦 *padahal asik lagunya.

ditutup dengan “i just don’t think i’ll ever get over you” yang merupakan cover version dari lagu dari collin hay. dan lagu ini ekslusif hanya ada di album ini.

1. So Much Love
2. So In This Hour…
3. Break it Out
4. I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You

all in all.
mini tapi nendang!

Review: Who We Are

at least today i got something to light up my mood.
it’s lifehouse latest album, who we are.

i am excited as i feel that this album is getting lifehouse back into that style similar to their first album. kickin.

“disarray” offers the opening style, similar with “spin” from their 2nd album. a song about uncertainty, but still with upbeat tempo. there is “broken” a beautiful but poignant lyrics. and to my surprise, i heard jason wade raw and grave voice in “the joke”.

not many of that slow and melodic songs in who we are. apparently, they have decided to explore and experimenting a lot more different sounds in this album but still, with that deeply written lyrics they renowned of.

maybe, it’s going to take me a while to digest the whole list. but so far i’m enjoying it.

1. Disarray *
2. First Time *
3. Whatever It Takes
4. Who We Are *
5. Broken *
6. The Joke
7. Easier To Be
8. Make Me Over
9. Mesmerized
10. Bridges
11. Learn You Inside Out
12. Storm *

Review: Mr. A-Z

when i heard this album for the very first time, i was expecting all guitar tunes all the way.
instead, later, i found myself nodding my head along the tunes and while doing that, i kept raising my left eyebrow; digesting all the surprise that is.

did i just hear a mix of hip hop in “geek in the pink”?, the swaying latin in “bella luna”?, a piano ballad in “mr curiosity”?

is this really mraz?

sure, i can still find guitar strumming in “clock watching” and “wordplay” and his tongue twisting speed singing is still there, but boy, did he evolve or what? surely in a good way.

i also like his collaboration with rachel yamagata in “did you get my message”, a song which i found quite funny, you know, talking the gaps of communication between men and women..

anyway, if you like “waiting my rocket to come” you’ll like this album.

don’t worry, you will able to find that singalong mood dragging you all the way up.. that is. guaranteed.

1. Life is Wonderful
2. Wordplay
3. Geek in the Pink
4. Did You Get My Message?***
5. Mr. Curiosity***
6. Clockwatching
7. Bella Luna***
8. Plane
9. O. Lover
10. Please Don’t Tell Her
11. Forecast
12. Song For a Friend

*picked track