Few things for POSTKARTraveler 2012

POSTKARTRAVELER, a traveling exhibition project.

Jadi sesuai judul di atas, temen gue – Novi Kresna (yang sering jadi korban kecemburuan gue atas kerjaannya yang travelling melulu – dan selalu lupa bawain gue oleh-oleh!), bikin art exhibition.

Nah, entah anak ini disamber apa, tau-tau aja gue ditodong buat bikin tulisan. Gue bilang iya, tapi ya karena gue mentok – kombinasi antara lama ga berpuisi dan gue yang udah tobat dari kecanduan galau akut. Ya akhirnya gue ambil aja tulisan jadul gue. Diedit seperlunya – Masih belum kadaluarsa Nov!, tulisan gue timeless! Mwahahaha!

Anyway folks, if you can spare your time, please visit Korean Culture Center at Equity Tower 17th Floor, JL. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 52-53 (SCBD), Jakarta, 12190, Indonesia. From 23th July – 4th August 2012.

It should be awesome! And below, uhm.. my entries for her project. And of course, all the images are belong to her.
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The passing of a legend: Ribut Waidi

Growing up in Semarang, particularly in the 80s, PSIS was the talk of the town. The likes of Ribut, Ahmad Muhariyah, Syaiful Amri, Eryono Kasiha and Budi Wahyono. My family loves our hometown team. My dad, even went to Jakarta to see the final of PSIS vs Persebaya. He recalled that one bonek threw a bag plastic full of piss at him (narrowly missed), but even that doesn’t bother him so much. Why? Because on that day, PSIS won. Continue reading “The passing of a legend: Ribut Waidi”

33 and, hey! A new website!

Okay, first of all. I haven’t write anything for a long time. So apologies if my writing seems to be a bit rusty.

So, this is the space where I will be writing on, until the foreseeable future. If you asked me, why I am making a new blog if I already have one? Well, it’s just a part of my new year resolution. And my old blog provider was turning their service into a marketplace website, which I didn’t fully comfortable with that.

So.. what so special about today? I can tell you that I woke up today, and feeling enormously grateful! For the usual “morning wood”, and the fact that I just turned 33.

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